Managed Detection and Response

Kroll Responder

Kroll Responder is an award-winning Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service providing the advanced capabilities your business needs to hunt for, detect and respond swiftly to evolving cyber security threats across networks and endpoints.

offensive security

Cyberstar’s offensive security assessment services are designed to uncover vulnerabilities across your organisation, validate the effectiveness of security controls and processes, and provide the support and advice required to address security risks.

Vulnerability Scanning

Eliminate risk from new, unpatched vulnerabilities and open ports by assessing and monitoring cloud instances. Cyberstar Vulnerability Scanning Service gives development teams the confidence to develop their code on instances with the latest security patches and helps ensure a smooth transition to building production code. Used with Oracle Cloud Guard, operations teams gain a unified view of all instances to quickly remediate any open ports or patch unsafe packages discovered by the Vulnerability Scanning Service.

Email Spam Filters

What is a spam filter? Spam filters are designed to identify incoming dangerous emails from attackers or marketers.

Penetration Testing

The art of exploiting weaknesses and vulnerabilities in networks, web applications, or people. This is different than just performing a vulnerability scan against your network. A penetration test takes the perspective of an outside 

intruder or an internal individual with malicious intent. This may not always involve technology, however technical controls are a big part of preventing easy exploitation and data compromise.

Vulnerability Scanning

Eliminate risk from new, unpatched vulnerabilities and open ports by assessing and monitoring cloud instances.

Social Engineering

Social engineering is a cybersecurity attack. These attacks by cybercriminals use deception via social engagement to convince your team to provide them confidential information.

Security GPA Assessments

A gap analysis is a study to determine the difference between the current state of information security and its ideal or optimum state of security. Gap analysis is a vital part of business continuity planning and is also a form of risk assessment.

Our secure and complete analysis using result-oriented methods while adhering to the guidelines will ensure that your day-to-day processes run seamlessly.

Security Operations Center (SOC)

A security operations center (SOC) is a command center facility for a team of information technology IT professionals with expertise in information security (infosec) who monitors, analyzes and protects an organization from cyber attacks.

In the SOC, internet traffic, networks, desktops, servers, endpoint devices, databases, applications and other systems are continuously examined for signs of a security incident. SOC staff may work with other teams or departments but are typically self-contained with employees that have high-level IT and cybersecurity skills or outsourced to third-party service providers. Most SOCs function around the clock, with employees working in shifts to constantly log activity and mitigate threats.

Managed Security Services

Third-party providers offer managed security services for the oversight and administration of a company’s security processes. Managed security service providers (MSSPs) conduct services either in-house or remotely, typically via the cloud. MSSPs offer a wide range of security services, from setting up infrastructure through security management or incident response. Some managed security service providers specialize in certain areas while others offer full outsourcing of an enterprise’s information security program.

Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems

An Intrusion Detection and Prevention System (IDPS) monitors network traffic for indications of an attack, alerting administrators to possible attacks. IDPS solutions monitor traffic for patterns that match with known attacks. Traditionally, they used signature-based or statistical anomaly detection methods, but IDPS increasingly leverages machine learning technologies to process vast amounts of data and identify threats that signature and anomaly detection would miss.

SIEM Solutions

Security Information and Event Management is a set of integrated log management and monitoring tools that help organisations detect targeted attacks and data breaches. SIEM systems aggregate and analyse log event information from devices, infrastructure, systems and applications to detect suspicious activity inside networks. When anomalous behaviour is identified, an alert is generated for investigation.

Malware Detection

Malware refers to malicious software perpetrators dispatch to infect individual computers or an entire organization’s network. It exploits target system vulnerabilities, such as a bug in legitimate software (e.g., a browser or web application plugin) that can be hijacked. A malware infiltration can be disastrous—consequences include data theft, extortion or the crippling of network systems.