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External attack surface management for Enterprise

Cloud based vulnerability scanner with continuous expert team support

No Installations no time wasting stuff faster and less expensive!

Problems we solve

Cybercriminals are evolving daily.

Is your vulnerability scanning approach agile enough?

Tired of banner-based detects?

EASM by avoids false positives using multiple PoC exploit engines and provides you with a code to reproduce the exploit.

Are you running weekly scans?

 ASM by operates a distributed network of scanning nodes and runs 150,000+ daily scans.

Are all attack vectors covered?

Typically, cybersecurity vendors provide scanning only for a specific type of vector, such as web vulnerabilities or system vulnerabilities. EASM combines 24 open-source and privately written engines to achieve full L3-L7 coverage.

Scanning from EASM by

Run scans as often as you want. Run daily scans for full infrastructure. Request a scan via API when you build a release. Get a scan when the network device is reconfigured